The very first thing the Lord said to me, He said, Linda, there is new grace for this new day. Amen. There is new grace. Scripture says that mercy is new every morning. Amen. Every morning, it doesn’t matter how horrible yesterday was, it doesn’t matter if you go to bed tonight and it’s just like I can’t, I can’t even think about waking up tomorrow because it’s that horrible. You can be confident that when you wake up, there will be grace and mercy. So how in the world do you get out of the doldrums and out of the depression and out of the sorrow that wants to greet you?

When the sun comes up, you remember the grace. You stand on that place and on that promise, and just say it. You know, Jesus used the Word, He used the word as a weapon, and we need to use the word as a weapon as well.

When we’re fighting, and the enemy is coming… he’s wanting to just eat your lunch and pop the bag. You just need to stand up and say “IT IS WRITTEN”, and then declare what the Word of the Lord says, which means you need to know the Word of the Lord. That’s what that means. You can’t say it if you don’t know it. Going back to what we’ve talked about so many times, if you do not have a living relationship with your Bible, do not blame anyone but yourself for failures in your life.

Change today, and KNOW what is written, so you can speak it out with authority!