The word seek out of the Hebrew, as it’s defined, is to frequently and diligently inquire specifically as an act of worship.

Sought means to strive after or to request for the purpose of obtaining mutually beneficial gain. Meaning there’s something in it for God and there’s something in it for you. It’s not all about me, or mine and ours. It’s about what God can do to be a partner with you, in your kingdom.

This is really key. It shows us that we can be doing everything right. We can be hitting on every cylinder, dotting every I and crossing every T, and we can still miss it. How do we do that? We do that. by not seeking God. Things can get pretty comfortable, and we let ourselves slack.

I’m sort of reading between the lines. But as stated in 2 Chronicles 15, Asa had 26 years of peace and prosperity, as well as, health and wholeness. There’s no trouble and everything’s really good. Because of this, you can get a little sloppy. You can get a little lax in pursuing God. And a little soft in what you’re doing.

That’s exactly what happened to Asa. Asa stopped doing the most important thing. He stopped. He was comfortable. And, we do the same thing sometimes. We’ll pray and pray and pray. Then, once we get what we prayed for and we’re so happy that we just forget to pray next week and next month.

We start doing life on our own. It’s crazy, but we do that. So time passed, years passed; Judah has about 26 years of peace, but is under attack again. This time, Asa doesn’t seek the Lord. So, the Lord comes with a prophet and says it’s over for you. The rest is gone. The peace is gone. The increase is gone. The prosperity is gone.

You are on your own. Friend, this is NOT where we want to be. Stay continually in fellowship seeking the Lord!