Give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you. This is His will. It’s His will that we give thanks in the problem. Not for the problem, but in the problem. That’s what Jehosaphat did. He took the Word of the Lord, and he assigned the worshipers to go before the people. When the worshipers went forth and they worshiped God, they just went in. “Oh, praise the Lord. His mercy endures forever. Praise the Lord. His mercy endures forever.”

If you don’t remember anything else out of the Bible, you need to memorize that. Plus, 2 Corinthians 2:14. You need to remember that you can stand in the midst of any battle anywhere and say, Praise the Lord! His mercy endures forever. And His mercy endures for me. It’s for me. Make it super personal.

Make it yours, I want you to own it. It’s really important because we’re getting ready to run into some trash we haven’t seen before. It’s going to get pretty messy. It tells us in Isaiah that darkness, and not just darkness, it doesn’t say just darkness, it says what? Gross darkness is going to cover the land.

It’s probably dark now. We’re probably in that dark place now. But we haven’t come to the gross darkness. It’s out of that place that Isaiah 60 verse 1 where we start. It says that we will arise and shine and the glory of the Lord will be risen upon us. It’s in that place… if we’re not throwing ourselves on the floor weeping and wailing and whining, if we will take the Word of God exactly the way that it’s written, believe it literally.

Take ownership of 2 Corinthians 2:14 and begin to thank God. Thank Him. When you break it down in the original language, Aramaic, it actually says, thanks causes me to triumph in God.

It tells us that we are to enter into His gates with thanksgiving and enter into His courts with praise. If that’s how we get in to see Him, if that’s the way to get in, if that’s the key to unlock the door, then we need to have a boatload of keys.