How do you hear through your human spirit? Ninety nine percent of the time that you miss God is when you’re listening through your stinking brain. You’re listening with your natural ears. You’re sort of assimilating what you hear through all the trash that you’ve got flowing around you.

Hearing is coming through all the filters that you have. You miss God because you don’t know how to listen and hear through your human spirit. We are a trinity. We’re made in the image of God and God is triune. God is three in one. We are just like Him. We have been made three in one as well. When I look at you, all I see is the suit that you’re wearing (your outward appearance) that actually holds who you really are. You are a spirit.

I don’t see your spirit, but you are a spirit, and that spirit has a soul. That soul is the part of you that has reasoning and logic and emotion. It’s where most of us live and where most of us make a real hot messes out of our own lives. Both of those, spirit and soul, live in this physical body of ours.

This physical body, our earth suit, is what carries us through life, and we all need a human body. If we get it right, the spirit man is king, the soul man is queen. And when the soul man and the spirit man are in agreement, the body is the servant and has no vote.

Meaning, you are one, obedient, and in-tune with God and His will. We need to mature and get in alignment.