We all know the word grace. Many of us first heard about grace when we were children. We would sit down for a meal and an adult at the table would say, let’s all bow our heads and say, grace. And from that, many people think that grace is nothing more than a prayer.

But grace is far greater than that, far, far greater than that.

Grace, I believe, is the single most weighty word in any language anywhere on the planet. And I think that because I don’t believe that word is from this dimension.

There are other very profound words in the Bible, like love and mercy that I can find some point of reference within my life in order to, somewhat define, and identify with.

But there is nothing in my life or in your life that can actually comprehend the depths and the magnitude of the word grace and what grace has done for us and what grace continues to do for us and what grace will always do for us.

Grace actually comes from the Greek word Charis. It has a dual meaning. It means to give something cheerfully, so the expectation of the recipient is something joyful, but it also means no expectation from the giver.

No expectation at all from the giver. God gives us grace. One of the most classic definitions of grace is unmerited favor. There is nothing we can do to earn grace. Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. You can’t work it up. You can’t be good enough. There’s nothing you can do to earn the grace of God because He freely, freely, gives that grace.

Receive God’s grace today.

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