“…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…”

Joshua 24:15

Do you know whom you are serving? Don’t answer that question too quickly. When we get caught up in the worry and concerns of this world, we are serving this world. Remember that God has a plan and a purpose, but we need to be still, quiet and listen. He will reveal a step at a time, but we need to be ready to receive the instruction. We cannot keep thinking our way through. I know God has given us the abilities, but we must put Him first so we don’t get off track.

Christ wants us to spend time with Him. To spend more time so that we can grow even closer… so we get to the point where our thoughts are His thoughts. We must recognize that we do hear from Him, and any doubts come from ourselves not getting out of our own head, but instead keep trying to think through everything.

Christ asks us to just sit still a moment. To quiet ourselves and cleanse our minds. How? Listen… listen to the quiet stillness, listen to the subtle noises around you; a car driving by, the hum of a fan, the creaks and crackles of the house, the chirp of birds, the tick of the clock. This is when you’ll be able to hear God’s whisper. Listen carefully and choose to take the steps in Christ’s direction. He is right here.