I have 9,222 things to do. How in the world am I gonna get this done? And I just sat there and prayed in tongues. In that period of time, in just that short period of time, the Holy Spirit just said this one first, this one second, this one third.

And it was just so easy. It was so easy. It wasn’t stressful. It wasn’t difficult, it wasn’t even impossible anymore. Sometimes you’ll look at things and you’ll look at them as being totally, completely impossible, but in this kingdom that we live, we have a loving king who cares and He will watch over us if we will just give him the tools that He needs to work with. Praying in tongues is one of those tools.

If you’ve not yet read my book Fire Up Your Power Tools, you’re cheating yourself because it’s an important tool to help you know what to do with that gift that you have been given.