…strive always to have a clear conscience before God and before men.

Acts 24:16

Far too often we can get caught up in our own head thinking on things that Jesus never intended for us. When we focus on Jesus, things become much clearer and we tend to allow Him to work in our lives. Jesus knows that there are plenty of times that we have felt we missed the mark. Where we didn’t recognize what He wanted us to do. Other times we had a feeling, but were not obedient to it.

When we become obedient we will start seeing a change within ourselves. We won’t internalize our mistakes and get down on ourselves, but being obedient will give us such a joy beyond comprehension. Being obedient will rejuvenate you and cause you to desire more and more of Jesus. It just takes those first steps forward and outside of the little box that you created for yourself.

Being obedient means taking a step of faith and allowing Jesus to step in with you so that you can see what He sees and know where He is taking you. This is His desire for you. Will you take His hand and step with Him, allowing Him to lead you?