Spiritual Maturity Series Part 4

What is spiritual maturity? You may already have a preconceived idea of what spiritual maturity is, however, I want to give you a simple, but right on the bull’s-eye description of how the Bible defines spiritual maturity.

How do you know that you have reached a level of maturity in your walk with the Lord?  What is the bar? What is it that we’re all reaching for? This is a simplistic, but excellent indicator to help you know if you are living in a degree of spiritual maturity.

You have reached a level of spiritual maturity when your salvation affects your body and your soul in such a way that they both display visible signs of victory, prosperity and peace to every person you encounter.

If your mind, will, emotions and physical body are only controlled by external things…things like circumstances and man-made rules and regulations, then you are still a babe in the things of the Spirit.