The Bible tells us that if we’ll seek first, you know the scripture seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. And then all these things will come. Well, we all need “things.” Are you focusing more on the things? Are you focusing on what you need in life?

You need your family to quit going to hell. You need more money in your bank account. And, you need your body healed.

What is it you need?

Is it wrong to ask for those things? No, it’s not. But, it is wrong to make those things, and the pursuit of those things, the primary focus of your walk with Christ. I am seeing in my life this complete shift, this, this turning, 180 degree turn away from being so over focused on stuff and being able to see Christ in a fresh and new way.

This is an ongoing revelation of how I had misplaced my relationship with God in my own life. We can do that and not even realize it by looking to Him to be our fix it all. We get to the place where we look to the Holy Spirit like an app on our phone. It’s like we’re just Okay… Next, next, next, next. The Holy Spirit is not an app, He is the entire operating system. And, He’s been given to us as a helper so we know who Jesus is.

The entire Bible is a revelation of Jesus. It’s not a doctrine, and it’s not a religion. God didn’t create religion. God created Adam and Eve for Fellowship and He created us for the same thing. He is longing for us to just be One with Him. He’ll take care of all the other stuff. Jesus will come along and He’ll fix all those things that are out of order. He’ll replace the broken body parts and fill the bank accounts that are empty. He’ll take care of that if we will just make Him number one, and give Him the place in our lives that He deserves and wants.