We can somewhat understand through the work of the cross that we’ve been delivered from hell and sin and death and the grave. We sort of get that. The old man passed away, the old sin nature that we had passed away and we understand what happened at the cross, the work of the cross itself, but there is also a work that came to us through the cross that we don’t always embrace.

And what we need to do to be successful in our walk and to be able to see the manifestations of all these massive amounts of promises that we see in the Bible. I see them. You see them. I believe them. You believe them. I teach them. Some of you are teachers, you teach them. You share ’em with your friends and your neighbors, and yet the majority of us do not live in the majority of those manifested blessing.

Began to see ourselves as God sees us and began to act the way that He has created us to act and function… watch/listen now.