Spiritual Maturity Series Part 8

At the creation of man, God put a deep heart hunger in the depths of man so that he would long for fellowship with his Creator. All men are born with an intense yearning to know their heavenly Father. Every human spirit searches for that connection. 

All men have built into their spiritual DNA a hunger for the things of the Spirit. That’s why people flock to psychics, occultists, necromancers and ritualists. Those kinds of people do have a source of power and can demonstrate things from the spirit-realm, but not from the realm of God. Cultists can never touch the realm of truth and they can never give life, but they have a form of power that can be very intriguing and intoxicating.

Man’s spirit is never satisfied outside of God and until we become saved and renew our minds through the Word of God. We try desperately to find satisfaction for that heart hunger by seeking pleasure and material things. Because of ignorance, this hunger has driven many to false cults and has given birth to all of the false religions in the world.

Allow God to fill you up and satisfy your spiritual hunger. He desires a deeper relationship with you and wants you to live the spirit-led life.