Do you know, it’s a big mystery. It’s a secret, and it’s been hidden forever and ever.

To whom God would make known what the riches of the glory are. What are the riches of Jesus plainly seen and manifested? This mystery is among the Gentiles, but it’s clear to you.

This mystery is Christ is in you, the hope of glory. If there’s ever going to be a demonstration of the power of God manifested in the earth, it’s going to come through us, the Church of Jesus Christ. Where is that power? It’s in you. That’s where it is.

However, You may think that’s not possible, I don’t know where it is. Where is it? Where’s the power? Nevertheless, that’s the starting place to re-calibrate.

Acknowledge what the Bible says… Christ is in you.

We need to say that Christ is in me. Remember what the word Christ means? The anointed one in His anointing. He’s right here. He’s already in us. We don’t need to be looking externally for anything, anywhere, anytime. If we’re looking externally for something to change us, rearrange us, help us, fix us or heal us, we’re looking in the wrong place.

The power of God is given to us, for us. Once we have embraced the power of God, we are challenged by God and commissioned by God to give it away. To give it away…

In Galatians 2:20, it says there, I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless, the less I live yet, not I, but Christ lives within me. And the life, which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the son of God. I’m hanging out here with His faith. His faith, the same faith that Jesus has, I have. So He’s in me, and you know when He comes in us, He doesn’t leave anything out.

He’s the wisdom of God, the power of God, the love of God, the strength of God, the joy of God. He didn’t leave any of that out when He came to you.