“Blessed [comforted by inner peace and God’s love] are those who are persecuted for doing that which is morally right, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven [both now and forever].

Matthew 5:10

In today’s world it’s easy to see the decline in morality. Not much has changed through the years even though the people of today appear to be more educated than ever. God’s heart breaks as He sees all that is being done. The world claps and praises when the innocent unborn are killed. God’s church, some of its leaders are being led astray as they succumb to the world instead of to God’s Word.

Now more than ever we need to dive deeper in order to strengthen our foundation. The evil is real and it has the media backing it. It’s not going to be easy to stand up for Jesus in a day when sexual perversion and identity crises are rampant. BUT, it must be done. How else can Jesus’ love for ALL of His children be shown? We need to stand strong, knowing that Jesus is with us to show the truth to all. He knows they will mock us and possibly spit on us, but some will remember our words, which are Jesus’ Words, and, in a time of need they will call out to Him as they remember what was spoken. So don’t give in or lose heart, stand strong knowing that Jesus is standing with us.

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