Everything is on its way to death. But in the realm of the spirit, Paul says, everything is alive. Everything is filled with life, and with joy and peace. Everything is filled with all the goodness of God, and it will never, ever, stop. So how do we get all of that good stuff?

Jesus said, I came to give you the abundant life.

How do we get it? We try to get it with our five natural senses, because we’re human and we’re stupid. We keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result. And that is the classic definition of insanity, Albert Einstein is the one that penned that.

So I know that we have spiritual senses. I’ve been able to identify some of them and able to walk in them. I tend to believe, although I have no scriptural basis for this, I believe I’ve heard from the Lord that just like we have five natural senses, we also have five spiritual senses. These spiritual senses correspond to our seeing, our hearing, our smelling, our tasting, our touching, and I believe that one of those senses it is primary, above all others, or at least in the knowledge I have right now.

I believe that number one sense that God has given us and gives to all men, saved and unsaved, we all have a measure of this is the sense called faith.

All of us have a measure of faith. We’ve all been given a measure of the faith of Christ Jesus, but we have no access to unlock the power of that faith until we accept Jesus as Lord. Prior to that, the only way we can connect spiritually to that faith is to hear the gospel. Somewhere, somehow we heard the gospel, we heard it, we believed it, and we confessed it. Then all of the wide open gates of heaven are available to us if we’ll use that.

Faith perpetually.

Faith is simply nothing more than believing in God, believing in your heart, and doing what He says. So, let’s step deeper into FAITH.