O Lord, You are my God; I will exalt You, I will praise and give thanks to Your name; For You have done miraculous things, Plans formed long, long ago, [fulfilled] with perfect faithfulness.

Isaiah 25:1

You may read this verse and feel that plans have not been fulfilled. However, God is telling you they have been… And, they are. You are not who you once were, and you are not yet who you are going to be. You are a mixture of your past experiences and how you chose to walk them out.

Every day is a plan fulfilled. When you are right in the middle of daily circumstances, it’s hard to see how God is using them to grow you and shape your life. Who and what you are today is not who and what you will be. Strive to go deeper still, grow and exercise your faith and be who God has created and meant you to be.

You were not meant to live inside a quiet shell, just for yourself and close friends and family. You are meant for a world in need, to be God’s Hands and Feet. Speak and share His Word with those you cross paths with. Do not fear being wrong or offending, but be confident in Jesus and obey. You are a miracle, and God’s Plans are still being fulfilled in perfect faithfulness.