Teach me what I do not see [in regard to how I have sinned]; If I have done wrong (injustice, unrighteousness),
I will not do it again’?

Job 34:32

That which I see not, teach thou me.

All men and women are born with five natural senses. We have sight, we have hearing, we have smell, we have taste, we have touch, and we navigate in this life using those senses. We need those senses. If any one of them are missing, we’re a little disabled in the ability to function and flow in this natural realm.

As wonderful as those senses are, and as important as they are, and yes, we need them, and yes, we’re gonna keep ’em, they can also be a hindrance to us in our walk with God. They can be a hindrance because we tend to lean upon them and depend upon them to bring us into spiritual realities, and that is impossible.

It is impossible to walk in the realm of the spirit using your natural senses. It’s impossible. The things of the spirit are discerned spiritually. They’re not discerned naturally. The things of God are heard spiritually, not naturally. Oftentimes people will come to me and they’ll say, God said, God said, God said, and I can tell you in a heartbeat that they didn’t hear anything at all except something that they drummed up in their own soul because God is very clear in His Word on how He speaks and what He speaks to us about.

God wants us to be listening and attentive. That’s how He leads and guides us. The big deal is most of us have never connected all of the dots. God is constantly speaking, constantly talking and constantly giving us direction. He’s constantly leading and guiding us with love.

That’s what He does. That’s His full-time job. And our full-time job is to plug into that. There are all kinds of radio waves and television waves and internet waves all around us. We don’t see one of them. Not a one of them. We don’t see them because the receiver that is necessary to make those a reality isn’t clicked on in our presence.

But if we just flip our phone on, and look at the screen, pull up Facebook or YouTube or whatever you wanna look at, and we can see the evidence or the product of what those signals are producing all the time. It’s like that in the realm of the spirit as well.

The signals are always there. They’re available to us and we have full access to them. Once we are born again, there is nothing missing, nothing broken in our universe except what we refuse to plug into.