If you’re a believer, we need to focus on Jesus. That is why we are believers. We’re believers because Jesus Christ paid a price for us. He did the work. He was the one that paid the price, and if we are focusing on what He does for us instead of who He is, we are missing a big part of our journey.

This is life eternal. This is forever and ever. I am sort of re-calibrating in my own life, and looking at how much I have focused on “the steps”. You know, how many sermons have I preached, and how many of you heard them. That there are three steps to this and seven steps to this other, and nine steps to that.

Those things have no place. They have a place, but they don’t have a place superior to knowing Jesus himself. We have got to come to the realization that without a one-on-one personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that we are falling short. We are really falling short of what He has for us. It’s the plan of the Father and the gift from Him to us is to have an abundant life.

Yet, everywhere I go in my own house included, I don’t see a lot of that flowing. Does that mean that it’s not available? Absolutely not. It means that somewhere there’s been a disconnect. And part of the disconnect for my own life and for many that I know, is that we are looking for the stuff rather than looking for the giver of the stuff.

So, let’s take our eyes off of ourselves and focus on Jesus. One-on-one with Him.