Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face continually [longing to be in His presence].

1 Chronicles 16:11

Do you long to be in God’s presence, or is it just something you check off each day because you know you should? God doesn’t want to be just a checkbox so that you can move on and feel better about yourself. God desires you and a true relationship with you. He wants you to look forward to spending time with Him, not just some chore that you have to finish before moving on.

There is so much more to Jesus that you probably haven’t even tapped into to learn and explore. And, there is so much more to who you are and who you can become. You have to be willing and desire to go deeper. Jesus won’t push you or force you, it’s something He wants for you, but you also must want and choose for yourself.

When you choose this, Jesus will become so real to you, a veil will be lifted. He will become a complete part of your day, a part of those moments that steer and guide you. Moments of creative ideas and the rights words spoken to others in a time of need. It will not be just a moment that gets checked off, but moments that complete who you are.

Then, you will feel complete in Christ and you will be one, unified in mind and spirit. There is more to who you can be, choose to step in and see.