God wants us to be a pure people with a pure heart that is looking to Jesus and Jesus only. The Holy Spirit is here to help us with that. He will continually guide us. He’ll continually nudge you and let you see and know that this is life or this is death. And then, that choice will be presented before you.

You get to choose, life or death, which one do you want? Pick one. Let me tell you which one to pick. The Bible tells you, I’m going to just reiterate it. When life and death is presented before you, choose life.

Choose life.

There’s a river that flows from the throne of God. Some will only come into the ankles, and some will only come as far as the knees? That’s a choice we make in our walk with God. If you came in on the salvation train and you stopped there, there’s a whole lot more you’re missing. There’s a whole lot more because Jesus wants to be so intimately involved in every detail of our lives that what we enter into is Him manifested in the earth.

Jesus is working through us, the body of Christ, to allow the manifested presence of God to be seen. Clearly seen. Not in some spooky little small thing because we’re keeping it pure, but a glorified beautiful bride of Christ filled with His life, His wholeness, His joy and His presence. There’s a lot of stuff that can take you off the path of truth. So much that can take you into darkness. And a lot that can bring you into defeat through deceit.

I’m wanting you to hear my heart, take notice, and look to Jesus only.