I encourage and give opportunity to share your gifts and your talents to, to share words of wisdom and knowledge. And if that’s something that flows from you, then you need to practice.

Oftentimes when I was younger and my prophetic gift was starting to develop, I would come up to someone and say, I believe the Lord is saying blah, blah, blah. And they go, you are just way off your rocker. That’s nowhere near true. I’d say, okay, it’s all right, I’m just practicing.

It is better to do it wrong than to never do it at all. How will you ever let your gifts flow? How will you ever be able to flourish in what God’s given you if you never try? So, just try. So what if you get it wrong? So what if you just did the stupidest thing on the planet? What happens? You just move on.

Don’t let pride suck you into a place where you aren’t doing anything for God. You want to use the gifts that God has given you. And so, BASIC NUMBER ONE, we live by faith. BASIC NUMBER TWO, I believe is urgent, and critical… and you know it.

You know it, but are you doing it? This is why the message was birthed in just the last few weeks, I’ve encountered two situations, two entirely different situations. Born again, spirit-filled, strong believers that were going down the tubes in flames. And one thing, just one thing they had in common was causing them both to go in that direction. BASIC NUMBER TWO thing that we have to do to follow the house rules in this household of faith is we have to use our words to speak.

We have to use our words to speak life.