There is no gray area for us where the Spirit is. That’s all there is to it. Paul tells us in the book of Romans that when we are carnal, when we lean to doing it ourselves, we lean to earning it ourselves, to fixing it ourselves, and figuring it out ourselves. This is what it means to be carnal, and we are carnal and it always leads to death.

Always, it always, not that you’re gonna drop dead today, but you begin to die in many other areas. You begin to die in your relationship with God. You may begin to die in relationships with people around you. Things begin to wither because you’re trying to do it outside of the grace of God.

God’s grace came to give us Jesus, and that was just the beginning. Grace is available to us for absolutely everything. Everything we need, nothing missing, nothing broken for us. Jesus has already paid the price. A finished work is already done and there’s absolutely nothing we need, not today, not tomorrow, not for any day for the remainder of our life that hasn’t already been provided.

And so, you know, when you’re on your knees or sitting in your prayer chair or however you pray, and you’re begging God for something that you need, you’re just blowing wind. You’re just basically throwing air up to nowhere because He’s not listening to those whiny baby prayers.

He’s listening for those who are filled with faith in Him. That’s what He’s listening for. He’s listening for us to open up our mouth and to agree with what He’s already given. All God’s looking for is someone to agree with him, and you know, when we finally wise up and start to do that, life is gonna get a lot sweeter for us, a whole lot sweeter for us.