Jesus taught us to pray. Father, thy will be done in me, in earth, as it is in heaven.

We’re the earth. And, we are made out of dirt. You know, the earth that Jesus is talking about is us.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in me, as it is in heaven.

Once you open yourself up to that, and you’re ready to do what God tells you to do; you can’t pick and choose here. You know, this is His, it’s His will. Lee would say it’s His ball field, it’s His bat, it’s His glove, and it’s His ball. Every part of this game belongs to the Lord.

So you have no say.

All you get to do is run the bases if you say yes, and He chooses the bases. He chooses what we’re to do. And I want, in my own life, I want to magnify Jesus so much everywhere that I go that all people see is that I am determined and I am steadfast in believing that He is Lord of all and there are no others.

There are no other lords, and there are no other masters.