Is faith still around? Well, yes, it’s very much still around. The name of Jesus is still here. Faith is still here. We can’t even get saved without faith. We can’t do anything without faith. The just shall live by faith. So, the name of Jesus is here, and didn’t go anywhere, and so faith in that name didn’t go anywhere.

Believing believers are those who believe in Jesus Christ and believe His Word and are willing to take what He says literally. I want to spend a little time going through the fact that Peter made it very clear that he had healed. There are some requirements, for this, the man had to have some faith. Faith must be working on the part of the one that receives. There are multitudes of scriptures that refer to that as well.

Let’s look at something in the life of Jesus out of Mark chapter 6. It says that he, talking about Jesus, this is Jesus, and He could there do no mighty work, talking about his hometown. He had gone back to his hometown, Nazareth. His hometown wasn’t Bethlehem. He was born in Bethlehem, but He was raised up in Nazareth.

So He’d gone to Nazareth, and he wanted to do what he could do everywhere else. Jesus wanted to heal the people and to bring liberty to the captives. He could do no mighty work there in Nazareth, save that He laid hands on a few sick folks and healed them, verse 6, and He marveled because of their unbelief.

Jesus marveled, and then He left, and He went around the village’s teaching. This verse says that Jesus could not do any mighty work. It doesn’t say He would not. He could not, because there was no faith. There was nothing but unbelief. Except for a few folk, it says. So it’s very clear that He was hindered in doing what He wanted to do. That is the same today. He can be very hindered in doing what he wants to do if there is no faith. There has to be faith in the person wanting to receive.