And do you seek great things for yourself? Do not seek them; …

Jeremiah 45:5

There are so many human elements to our nature. One stands out and it is the same one that caused the fall of one-third of heaven and that is PRIDE. You work hard and you have a desire to be recognized… understand and know your driving force. Know what is behind it. Some aspects are good, but some others will lead you down the wrong path. Work hard and work with all your might, but remember who gives you the wisdom, the insight, the ideas and remember to give Jesus the glory and praise.

We must humble ourselves and remember who Jesus has created us to be. Do not seek great things for yourself in the here and now. There is far more waiting for you in God’s Kingdom. When the driving force behind your works is great things, your heart is in the wrong place. When you make the self adjustments and put Jesus first, things will fall into place and you will see God’s Goodness manifest in your life.

Step into that which Jesus has called you. Work with all your might utilizing the gifts and talents that He has given you… and others will see and recognize you because of it. This is the opportunity for you to let them know where your strength comes from; where all of the ideas and abilities have taken root. When your heart gets to this place… exceeding abundance, beyond what you could ever hope or imagine awaits you.