Whoever says he lives in Christ [that is, whoever says he has accepted Him as God and Savior] ought [as a moral obligation] to walk and conduct himself just as He walked and conducted Himself.

1 John 2:6

You know you were created for more. There is more than just going through the mundane of waking up, working, coming home, and going to bed again, just to wake up and do it all again the next day. The days seem to pass by as a blur and you wonder if there is more to they everyday than this. You wonder if you are all that Christ has created you to be and if you are fulfilling your purpose.

Know this. You were wonderfully and fearfully made. Christ has called you from the beginning for a distinct purpose. Each step along this life’s path is a step in the direction that Christ needs you to go. Do not doubt who you are and who you belong to. The struggles that life brings are not by accident. You must use them to grow and help others as you learn to dive deeper in Christ.

Remember. There is always more… You need to understand this and be willing to walk it out with Christ. Be mindful and spirit-led every moment of the day so that you don’t miss any opportunities that Christ has laid before you. Dive deeper and ready yourself.