You need to give the Holy Spirit time, and you need to allow Him to speak to your spirit. Taking this time will allow Him to give you the direction you need. At this point, your life just becomes a series of right choices, moving in the right direction, making progress, having peace, and finding rest.


As believers, we should live lives of peace and rest. We’re going to need to perfect this more and more as time goes on. More things are going to get way out of order. Not only that, more things are going to grow darker. The book of Isaiah tells us that gross darkness, will cover the earth at the end of the age.

BUT, we have a promise in God that we can be spared from the agony and the torment of that darkness if we are led by the Holy Spirit and follow Him. He will lead us where we need to be, and He’ll keep us where we need to be so we’re not going to be sucked up in that mess. I am believing the body of Christ is going to go out of here exactly the way God said.

Are you ready?