Have you ever noticed that the more time you spend with someone, the more you begin to see things the way they do? How you see a thing dictates what you say about it, and what you say determines your future. These are fixed laws of the Kingdom of God, and fundamental keys to living a blessed life.

It isn’t difficult to tell who you’ve been spending time with. Looking at your countenance and listening to the words coming out of your mouth automatically tells those around you if you’ve been spending time in the presence of the problem or in the presence of God.

My prayer for you for 2023 is that you have eyes to see, not with natural sight, but with the eyes of your spirit, and that you are enlightened to see truth. I pray that you are alert and aware and quick to respond to the many times the Holy Spirit prompts you to turn your eyes upon Jesus, the problem solver. If you’ll refuse to be fixated on problems that may arise, and focus on Jesus, I’m confident you’ll be able to look back on 2023 as one the most joyous and miraculous years of your life.

Abundant New Year’s Blessings!