When God uses you for anything, you need to be very quick to give the glory to Jesus. Be very quick. People will come to me and say, Linda, thank you when you prayed this happened. I am very quick to say thank Him, thank Jesus. Don’t take even one moment of that glory.

Don’t believe any of your press. Don’t believe the good stuff or the bad. Don’t believe any of it. Just submit yourself to the spirit of the Lord and do what He wants you to do.

Peter and John drew a crowd, they pointed everyone to Jesus and they made it really, really clear that God is wanting all of us not to just walk and talk, He’s wanting us to walk and demonstrate. Walk and demonstrate.

We are to be what Jesus called us to be. However, we live so far below that in so many areas of our life. Look at your own life, and you’ll see all the deficits. Your list is as long as mine. I get that. I’m not saying that I’ve arrived, but I sort of use Andrew Womack’s statement, “I ain’t, arrived, but I left.”

Thy Kingdom Come

This is Jesus speaking to His disciples who have asked Him, “teach us how to pray.” And, He says, this is how you do it.

This is the deal. You are to pray that what is in heaven come to earth. That’s what you pray. The earth, I believe He’s talking about is us, because man is created from dirt. In addition, women are created from men who were made from dirt. So, I believe that when He says heaven should come to earth, heaven should come to us, the body of Christ, and that out of us will flow that to the world.

That’s the plan of God. If we get that and understand it, that we have the ability to call on what is in heaven to come to us and then through us, then, the world would change. It would change. We would see an end to sickness…