…”You have nothing to draw with [no bucket and rope] and the well is deep. Where then do You get that living water?

John 4:11

We all want circumstances to change. We believe in Christ and know that our circumstances can change, but do we really believe? Within our own understanding we cannot see how Christ will accomplish these things. We wonder how He will draw the water when He doesn’t even have a rope or bucket and the well is deep. Christ doesn’t even need a well to draw water. He has abundance everywhere, and it doesn’t matter what we can see with our human eyes. It’s there.

During these dry times, we must learn to pull from Christ and His strength. Learning to listen clearly and to obey quickly is key. We must trust and be a good steward with what Christ has given us. Christ asks us to look beyond ourselves and take a glimpse of the bigger picture. He has more than enough for everyone, not just ourselves. Are we learning more Word? Are we beyond being ashamed or embarrassed of who we are in Christ?

Do not care what others may think or say about you. Remember who you are… you are a child of the most high God. You have every privilege available to you. We must trust in Christ and listen, stepping out in faith and walking into the open door that is before us. Christ will show the way if we allow Him. So, don’t think within your own human spirit, it will not be able to understand or see the possibilities that are stretching forth in front of you. Let go and Let Christ. And, He will show you living water that never stops flowing.