People look at the outward appearance but the LORD looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7

We have so much running through your mind right now, so many thoughts, ideas and scenarios. God’s desire is that we BE STILL and take time to hear Him and listen. We have His mind, but we need to remember that this is the first area that the enemy will attempt to infiltrate. If the enemy gets us sidetracked, it will take us time to get back on the path where He wants and needs us.

Remember who we are, we are God’s children, and we have been given all authority and dominion over the things of this world. We need to re-center our focus and renew our minds daily. Our value and worth cannot be measured by human standards, and there is much that we cannot see or understand… yet. If God would allow us to see too much, we would be overwhelmed.

So let’s just take one step at a time and keep holding onto His hand. Don’t allow the distractions and the incorrect or inappropriate words of others in. Let’s remember who we are and who God says we are. We are loved and valued, we are God’s hands and feet. People of the world look at the outward appearance, the surface, and judge, but He looks at the heart and knows us, the complete and whole us.