I am already being poured our as a drink offering…

2 Timothy 4:6

Are you finally ready to give over your life completely and wholly to Christ? We give Christ pieces here and pieces there of ourselves, and sometimes we take them right back. We must trust Christ enough to take care of every part of who we are, in His best way. He is more than able and capable. Has He not proven Himself faithful over and over again? We must not continue in this way. Pour yourself out as an offering to Christ daily and don’t pick up your burdens again.

Choose to see with Christ’s eyes and know that we are walking in the steps that He has chosen for us. Do not be concerned about how this or that will happen, or where the money for the bills will come from. Do that which He has asked of us and watch how everything will fall into place. We cannot keep ignoring Christ’s Cal and expect everything to be in alignment, we must do our part and He will surely do His.

Christ has an endless supply of power, of finances and His Glory will be seen by all. Grow your faith and believe before you can see what’s ahead. This is faith. Be the puzzle piece that Christ is about to lay down in its perfect position. And, choose this day to be poured out as an offering to Christ and watch His glory manifest in your life.